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All of my publications share a common theme: identity & culture. I hope my literature can impact those of all backgrounds by celebrating diversity as well as highlighting the hardships faced by minority people. 


"a milkshake in the sky"

a milkshake in the sky is a poetry and short story book about the beauties and pitfalls of Chinese immigrants seeking the American dream.


I wrote a milkshake in the sky to honor my grandparents, Chinese immigrants as well as all of the other immigrants in the world who sacrificed all they had for their families. a milkshake in the sky deals with the beauties and struggles of minority families attempting to reach for success in the Western world. I hope readers can feel connected with the poetry in a milkshake in the sky and feel a sense of pride and respect for immigrant families. 



nostalgia is a poetry book about the developments and struggles with mental health in the perspective of the youth, whilst growing up as a minority in the Western world. 



Undivided is a journal published and produced by my organization, the Asian Hispanic Empowerment Organization, LLC. Every few month, I collect work from all around the world to place in this journal in order to celebrate diversity as well as the beauties of various cultures.  


I wrote nostalgia along side Alessandro Iaia to express the variety of emotions felt during the different stages of growing up as minorities in the Western world. Many of these emotions are felt by many adolescents worldwide and can trigger mental health instabilities. We hope to raise awareness of these instabilities and their commonality within many communities. We hope other individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges can use nostalgia as an outlet for comfort & to give a sense of community.  


on the top of each page, the moon phases change to represent time. 



With the help of our contributors, Undivided is now sold internationally and is currently being distributed to professional environments such as schools, universities, and offices worldwide. Our journal features work relating to cultures from all around the world by passionate young adults. The journal includes poetry, short stories, art, as well as articles all relating to the celebration of diversity. 


Pablo y el Tiburón

Pablo y el Tiburón is a digitally drawn children's book in both Spanish and English to help teach both languages.


Alongside Marina Moreno, we published a fun/short book to encourage language learning. 


coming soon...

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