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All of the organizations that I have founded/work with all relate to a common theme: uplifting communities with the youth. 

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The Asian Hispanic Empowerment Organization, LLC.

The Asian Hispanic Empowerment Organization is an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) which aims to educate and empower youth on the cultures, perspectives, to seek for a more equal world. The nonprofit uses education and publication as a means of empowerment. 


Our mission is to educate the youth about the earth's abundance of heritage so young individuals can be inspired to learn about the world around them. We hope that through learning about the cultures of minorities, racism will diminish and become replaced with appreciation for every race. 


Our mission is to replace embarrassment and negation with pride in the minds of children and teenagers with minority backgrounds. We hope to share their stories and create a diverse and accepting community for all. 

Our mission is to publish literature, so our work can be distributed around the world and our love for culture can radiate. 

Our mission is to inspire young minds and give every individual the opportunity to learn about the cultures of the world. 

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earned the One in a Million Award & featured on Univision Communications Inc. & other news journals

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